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Care Service Manager:

Description of the job:

The day-to-day operations of a care facility are overseen by a Care Service Manager. It is your responsibility as a manager to guarantee that all customers get the best possible care. You must guarantee that the care home’s operations comply with legal regulations.

Values and characteristics:

The ideal applicant for this role should be sensitive and sympathetic. You should be able to display a strong work ethic as well as a positive and dynamic attitude towards problem resolution. You must be a natural leader with strong communication and interpersonal abilities.

Key competencies: 

You should be well-versed in CQC requirements and capable of efficiently managing a team of care workers. You will be able to exhibit budget management abilities as well as knowledge of hiring processes.

Required knowledge: 

Working in a care home management job requires relevant knowledge and expertise. It is preferable to have a diploma in Health and Social Care Management.

The following tasks are involved:

You will be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the care home, as well as maintaining regulatory compliance, managing employees, developing and revising care plans, managing risk assessments, and ensuring that all clients get the best possible care.

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